CWU General Conference 2010
Motions (1-52)


That this conference notes that employers are now exploiting "Dismissal and Re-Engagement", mechanism to unilaterally change employees' terms and conditions that have previously been protected under TUPE legislation. It is also being used as a threat to employees if they do not accept unpalatable changes to their terms and conditions. This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to campaign throughout the Labour Trade Union movement to strengthen the law so that workers rights are better protected following a TUPE transfer.

Scotland No.1 (Accepted)


Conference is concerned at the dropping level of voter turnout in UK Elections. Conference is particularly worried at the very low levels of participation from young people. Further we recognise that for many young people one of the reasons for non-participation is a belief that “It does not make any difference” and that the political orthodoxy and the lack of real options under the First Past the Post political system drive disillusionment.

Conference further recognises that the two party system generated by our election system is not in the best interests of the Trade Union movement.

Specifically First Past the post means that main stream parties inevitably have to concentrate on a very small number of swing voters in marginal seats.

Conference believes that this has fundamentally distorted the public policy agenda in the UK and has helped generate the draconian and restrictive trade union legislation in the UK.

Further conference feels that when compared to the public policy agenda generated by multi party systems in the Scandinavian Countries, Benelux

Countries or Germany and France, the UK model is clearly shown to not deliver for working people and trade unions alike in the same way.

Conference resolves that an electoral system that promotes diversity of opinions would introduce more legislators who were sympathetic to a trade union agenda, and would at the same time encourage greater participation, as people would feel able to exercise real options in elections.

Therefore Conference believes the policy of the CWU should be to support some form of proportional representation, and the NEC is instructed to work with electoral reform NGOs to determine which would be the precise best system to campaign on. Further the NEC is instructed to campaign within the Labour Party, TUC and with NGOs to facilitate the introduction of electoral reform.

Plymouth and East Cornwall Amal (Remitted)


Conference notes the crisis in political representation for working people and trade unionists. Conference agrees that the CWU must explore all options available when considering how to gain effective political representation. This to include exploring discussions with the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.

Coventry (Not Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to place a motion to the 2010 TUC Council/Conference to obtain a proper and correct constitution for the National TUC Pensions Committee.

Eastern No.5 (Not Heard)


This Conference notes that the Digital Economy Bill was confirmed in the Queen's speech on 18th November 2009.

Conference fully supports the CWU “Delivering Digital Britain” campaign for economic Growth, Job Creation and Social Inclusion in a Digital Britain.

The NEC is instructed to do whatever is necessary to persuade the government to accept our campaign objectives within legislation.

Liverpool Clerical (Not Heard)


Conference is dismayed that a change to the gender balance of delegations to TUC equality conferences has not increased women's participation but has reduced the number of lay people participating. This includes the delegation to the Black Workers TUC where the only two engineering nominees were men for two available positions. This resulted in the nominee with the lowest vote not being elected, even though there was no woman nominee in that section. Conference asks the NEC to use some common sense when this happens and allow the two nominees to be elected to make sure minority are represented properly at equality conferences.

West London (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive

Council that a Land Value Tax would be a much better revenue stream for public benefit, far superior than previous attempts by Labour Governments to tackle land taxation such as the 1947 Development Charge, the 1967 Betterment Levy, and the 1976 Development Land Tax. The taxes thus raised turned out to be severely complicated and costly to implement and generated considerably less revenue than had been expected.

A Land Value Tax has much greater revenue-earning potential that would provide the government and local authorities with funds to allow investments in infrastructure and public services for the benefit of all.

This in turn would provide the opportunity to reduce or withdraw other taxes that currently have an adverse impact on the economy and on welfare, including the potential to replace Council Tax as a first step towards introducing Land Value

Tax on a wider scale and on a national basis.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to promote this alternative Land Value

Tax as a vehicle to tackle the housing crisis and provide much better revenue for general public development. Additionally, the NEC to consider submitting this motion to the next TUC and Labour Party Conferences.

Croydon and South London (Not Heard)


The CWU's Delivering Digital Britain campaign acknowledges that digital inclusion can only be achieved through government intervention and public investment in superfast broadband.

Where there is public investment in telecommunications infrastructure; there must be accountability to the public and democratic control of that infrastructure and the services it provides that involves the public consumers and telecoms workers. The CWU will therefore continue to make the case for digital inclusion and public ownership of UK Telecommunications during the CWU's Delivering Digital Britain campaign.

Central London (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to lobby the Labour Party to work towards achieving the state pension above the official poverty level which in 2009 was £165.00 a week. This to be paid to all pensioners without any means testing and with future pension increases linked to earnings or prices whichever is the greater.

This to be financed through a number of measures including;

1. Using the surplus in the National Insurance Fund which currently

stands at £46 billion and is forecast to grow to £114 billion by 2012.

2. Abolishing the upper earning limit on National Insurance

Contributions - £8 billion.

Derbyshire Amal

Midlands Regional Committee (Carried)


This Conference deplores the government's proposal to change the UK

State Pension into a means tested benefit. Everyone has contributed towards their State Pension by paying into the National Insurance Fund thus saving towards their State Retirement Pension as a right and not as a means tested benefit.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to work with the RMAC to oppose any attempt to means test the National Old Age Pension as this proposal will not only affect today's pensioners but will affect the pensions of everyone who retires in the future.

Retired Members Conference

South and East Thames Amal (Falls)


Conference calls upon the National Executive Council to launch a campaign to increase the awareness and the importance of Pension

Schemes amongst our members, especially our younger members and those members working in Companies where they do not have a recognised Pension


The campaign should attempt to highlight the consequences of not having a

Pension Scheme that covers cost of living of the individual upon retirement, or having to retire early due to ill health. It should also encourage involvement in a Scheme at the earliest possible age to ensure maximum benefit be achieved from it.

Capital (Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council to campaign through its links with the Trade Union movement and the Labour Party for greater funding for research into Dementia.

The campaign whilst having an obvious focus on researching a cure should also look at improving support for dementia patients through greater investment in Carers and families.

Birmingham (Not Heard)


This Conference agrees that the present system of monitoring the Care

and Wellbeing of elderly people is not working. A new independent

body, Society for the Protection and Care of Older People (SPCOP),

needs to be set up.

The SPCOP must be independent of National/Local Government and the

NHS.To have the right to enter all Hospitals, Nursing and Care Homes

unannounced. To attend private homes together with the police when required. To have the same access to the Police as the RSPCA and Child

Protection Agency presently enjoy.

Conference instructs the NEC to work with the RMAC, NPC and TUC to

pursue this policy.

Retired Members Conference

North Wales and Marches (Not Heard)


Conference instructs the NEC that the CWU will campaign through all avenues for all pensioners to have free access to homecare, for pensioners who are carers to receive the full carers allowance and

that all UK pensioners have equal access to all treatments and benefits on th NHS without losing their homes or paying the so called ‘death tax'.

London Regional Committee (Not Heard)


This conference deplores any discrimination by the National Health Service based on where the patient lives and instructs the NEC to actively campaign for the urgent abolition of prescription charges for NHS patients in England.

Manchester Clerical (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National

Executive Council to actively support the Royal National Institutes (RNID) campaign ‘Read My Lips' by supporting the existing campaign and raising awareness of the service amongst our members and there families. Many of our members, such as operators, engineers letter sorting machine operators etc. are put at risk of deafness/reduced hearing function through the activities of there duties the CWU would be assisting them in there everyday activities to cope with such a problems. The government is proposing to reduce the funding for this Service which provides training for any individual who has hearing difficulties which are caused either as a result of natural deterioration or as a consequence of industrial noise contact, the campaign should use all the CWU influence to either stop them from reducing the funding or maintaining it.

Shropshire and Mid Wales (Not Heard)


Conference notes that the gap between rich and poor widened under the

Labour Government. Conference agrees to campaign to end the current divisions in the minimum wage leaving young workers earning a pittance. Conference support campaigns endeavouring to end this anomaly and to fight for a minimum wage of £8 per hour to take young workers out of the poverty gap.

The Welsh Valleys

Coventry (Accept)


Conference is appalled and disappointed that the TUC

General Council has failed to act on the recommendation from the TUC Young Members' Conference around collapsing the minimum wage bandings.

Conference believes it is antithetical to the aims, objectives and principals of the

Trade Union movement to even tacitly support the idea of different minimum wages for people of different ages, often doing the same jobs as others entitled to the full rate.

This conference resolves that a minimum wage should be just that, and that anyone who works should be entitled to receive it. Therefore conference calls on the NEC to ensure that the CWU's national policy, particularly, but not only at the TUC General Council, is to support this position.

Youth Conference (Carried)


Conference is aware that the CWU represents many thousands of Temporary and Agency Workers, and has actively campaigned for them to be given fairer treatment and greater security. Conference is concerned that the implementation of equal treatment for such workers is being delayed.

This Conference therefore instructs the NEC to ensure that the CWU campaign for fairness and justice for all Temporary and Agency workers, be brought to a successful conclusion, as soon as possible.

Liverpool Clerical (Not Heard)


Conference notes that all the main political parties at the 2010 election agree on the need to cut public spending in the near future.

Conference believes that working people should not pay the price for an economic crisis created by bankers and bosses.

Conference instructs the incoming NEC

• To support all broadly-based initiatives against cuts in public spending, attacks on pensions, and job losses

• To approach other unions and the TUC to organise a series of demonstrations and rallies in defence of public services, jobs and workers' rights.

Mount Pleasant International

Bradford and District Amal (Not Heard)


This conference commends the hard work carried out by

CWU Branches, Regions and the National Organising Department in recruiting and representing members in the ‘Non-recognised Sector' in recent years.

Conference continues to recognise the disadvantages encountered by workers in non-recognised companies, particularly in relation to servicing members in

Grievance and Discipline cases. These disadvantages would be significantly

addressed if union representatives in non-recognised companies had a legal right to time off for training and legally enforceable time to carry out representative duties.

The NEC is therefore instructed to launch a suitable campaign to lobby the

Government, Labour MP's (PLP), Labour Party Constituencies and any other

relevant body to effect a review and endorse changes in current employment law

legislation to achieve this as a policy objective.

Central and West Lancs (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National

Executive Council to mount a campaign involving all members to encourage a

boycott campaign against companies and organisations that use competitors for

postal services rather than Royal Mail. CWU HQ will prepare a list of such

organisations and encourage Branches, through the Regions, to use all means

necessary to bring such organisations back to Royal Mail.

London North Western C&C (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to lobby

government for the purpose of making St Georges Day a Bank Holiday in

England. The branch recognise the multicultural and diverse country England is

and feel that this day would be a great day to celebrate for people of all race,

culture, religion and sexuality living together in harmony.

Wolverhampton and District Amal (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National

Executive Council to take account of CWU members abhorrence of the excessive pay and remuneration packages of some executives within the industries they work in. Further, our members are outraged at the level of pay and bonuses of banking industry senior executives.

It is in the public interest to urgently establish a High Pay Commission to

instigate a public and evidence based investigation into the effects of excessive

pay on our economy and society.

The NEC is therefore instructed to actively campaign for and promote the call for a High Pay Commission, as proposed by Compass.

South East Regional Committee (Not Heard)


This conference notes that the debate regarding assisted

suicide is taking place in the public including a Bill to the Scottish Parliament,

and we have also seen the Trade Union movement starting to debate the issues.We have already seen motions on the subject going to the CWU DSNCAC

conference, TUC Disability Conference and the STUC.

We recognise this is a subject that raises very emotive views, and must behandled sensitively. We call upon the NEC along with DSNAC to organise a

serious of meetings around the regions where an open and honest debate take

place. Speakers will be invited from both sides of the debate to address our

members and activists. The NEC will then draw up a report on this to be put to

next years Conference where a policy decision will be made.

Scotland No.2 (Carried)


This Conference notes the continuing homophobic attacks

against LGBT people that have their origin in hatred, scapegoating and prejudice.

We note the vigil in Trafalgar Square on the 30th October attended by thousands

of people to remember Ian Bayham, beaten to death in central London for being gay.

We further note that on the 12th November the House of Lords rejected

Government legislation on Homophobic hate crimes. Instead they supported a

wrecking amendment on “free speech” that compromises the law against

incitement to homophobic hatred and makes it less effective than current

legislation on race hatred.

We reject the view that prejudice against LGBT people is less important than

other prejudice and hate. This conference agrees to campaign for LGBT people to be protected by equal hate crime legislation.

LGBT Conference (Carried)


Conference agrees that at first sight, domestic violence

or abuse seems to be a personal issue, concerned with people's private lives and

nothing to do with trade unionism. But domestic abuse is so widespread that

without doubt there are members of the CWU, whom it affects and are suffering

in silence and whose lives and work are over shadowed by it. Domestic abuse is

typically an ongoing pattern of abuse and controlling behaviour, which can take many forms. It can be: Physical, Psychological, Sexual, Emotional, Financial,

Imposed isolation. It not only affects Women but Men also suffer from domestic

abuse. Children may be involved too, either suffering or witnessing the abuse.

Conference calls on NEC to work with the WAC, and all Branches to raise

awareness of Domestic Violence in the work place, and making information on

existing services available, with a stock of appropriate leaflets, posters, etc, and

appropriate training and awareness for all CWU reps.

Scotland No.2 (Not Heard)


This conference recognises the positive impact of the

consolidation of Equalities issues through the introduction of the Equalities Act. It

is broadly recognised that the trade union movement have been key to pushing

forward the equality agenda.

This conference also recognises the longstanding need to protect trade union

rights through legislation. To succeed in this, we need to build a consensus that

will enable parliament to move forward on this.

With this in mind, conference instructs the NEC to run a high profile campaign to

amend the Equalities Act so as to incorporate Trade Union Rights. This should be a broad campaign, designed to engage the whole of the Labour movement.

Bristol and District Amal (Withdrawn)


Conference acknowledges the advances made in Youth

engagement by the CWU in the establishing of the Youth Advisory Committee.

The YAC has enriched the CWU and also been successful in mainstreaming the

voice of Young members at the highest level. However if the CWU is to remain

relevant and meet the challenges of continuing to empower Young Workers

through the Trade Union movement against the background of the financial

challenges faced by the CWU then we must be prepared to show leadership and

be able to take difficult decisions that will protect the investment and progress

that the CWU has made empowering Young Members.

Conference believes that how the structure of the YAC and Regional Youth

Structure is organised should be unshackled from the rule book so that it retains

the possibility of being dynamic and changing according to the differing needs

and evolution of the CWU Youth Movement yet retains the right to exist and

have input. Proposed rules changes will recognise the need for an all nationality

Youth Committee meeting across the year that will reflect the geographic make

up of the whole CWU that is not determined on a constituency basis. Any reorganisation of the YAC and the Regions must be cost neutral.

Conference believes that the regulations and rules ought to be determined by

recommendation by the Youth Conference and implemented by the NEC.

Therefore the NEC is instructed to introduce appropriate rule changes as soon as


Youth Conference (Not Heard)


Conference acknowledges the great work done by this

Union in developing Youth structures during the YES project that came from the

Union Modernisation Fund. However conference is concerned at how the

structure put in place will be able to be sustained and developed now that the

significant financial resources put in by the government has ended.

Conference acknowledges that Regional Youth Secretaries will have a key role in

ensuring that youth development in the field continues and helps ensure a rosy

future for the representative structure of the CWU. At the same time

conference recognises that it is unrealistic for the union to expect that

volunteers will be able to do all of this work exclusively in their own time.

Therefore the NEC is instructed to work with Regional Secretaries and the YAC to determine the best mechanism of supporting Regional Youth Secretaries in

getting time to do their job, giving full consideration to both the existence of the new regional fund, and full consideration to the financial situation facing the CWU.

Further conference instructs the NEC to bring forth the necessary rules changes,

or amendments to the Regional Constitution by Conference 2011.

South West Regional Committee (Not Heard)


This conference is concerned at the increasing number

of fundamentalist Christian churches in Britain claiming to be able to perform

exorcisms on lesbian and gay people to purge them of their homosexuality. This casting out of demons that supposedly possess a gay person's soul has no

place in a modern and progressive society. This superstition masquerading as

religion supports homophobia and self-hate.

This conference therefore condemns this practice and calls on the NEC to work

with the LGBT Advisory Committee and the relevant CWU departments, the TUC

and LGBT groups to publicise the barbaric and outdated actions of such churches and call for those churches that inflict such superstitious practices to cease harming LGBT people.

LGBT Conference (Not Heard)


Conference carried motion 29 at General Conference in

2008 in the names of the CWU Black Workers Conference & South East Wales

Amal. This conference calls upon the NEC with the involvement of the RAC on how to pursue this policy and also produce a report and made available before CWU annual conference 2011 on how to achieve policy within the content of motion 29.

South East Wales Amal (Not Heard)


Conference notes the British National Party (BNP) is a fascist organisation that is for creating an all white Britain that is anti-trade union and anti-democracy.

The BNP polled a record number of votes at the last general election in May 2007 and managed to get two candidates elected to the European Parliament in June 2009. In all future General, European and Local elections there will now be a crucial requirement to secure a larger number of voters to oppose what the BNP stand for and they must be mobilised if the BNP are to be stopped from gaining more seats.

The BNP is primarily making its electoral advance through exploiting issues of

racism, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms has never been more important.

Conference instructs the National Executive Council to promote and intensify its

anti-BNP work amongst all CWU members and throughout British society. To

continue to support the important work of such organisations as Searchlight,

Unite Against Fascism, Love Music and Hate Racism in order to defeat the BNP.

Capital (Not Heard)


This Conference recognises the plight of thousands of Haitians as a result of the catastrophic earthquake.

Whilst Conference applauds the response of the international community and the

outpouring of human kindness around the world, it condemns the logistical

nightmare which is the UN aid agency.

This Conference further recognises the similarity with the poor response

following Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans and the surrounding

area. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and no amount of aid will

provide long term improvements in the quality of life of those caught up in this

catastrophe whilst the country is shackled with international debt.

Therefore, this Conference calls upon the NEC to ensure the CWU nationally joins

in the call for Haiti's debt to be written off to enable the citizens of that country

to rebuild their lives free from the debt.

Black Workers Conference (Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to campaign

for changes to Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 via all means at their disposal.

Section 44 currently allows the police to stop and search anyone in a specific

area. In London, the Metropolitan police have named the whole of London as

their stop and search area. This law was meant to be used against terrorism but

the police are misusing this law to basically cover up lazy policing as it has taken

away the need for the police to have reasonable suspicion before a person is

stopped and searched. They are using this to harass peaceful anti-war, anti-arms

trade and anti-capitalist protesters and even tourists taking photographs of

public buildings. Conference further notes Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 was ruled to be in

contravention of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act by the European Court of

Justice in January of this year. It was also noted that the Metropolitan Police

were found to have used Section 44 more than any other police force.

West London (Accepted)


Conference is extremely concerned in regards to the treatment of women in the war torn countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, since the fall of the Taliban Government in 2001, women should in theory have more freedom and equality, but the reality of the plight they face is much different.

Women still face the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, an 80%

literacy rate, abuse and forced marriage. Women are still killed by the Taliban for

going to work.

The situation in Iraq, which includes the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region is

equally concerning, with women facing violence, systematic discrimination and

being specifically targeted because of their gender.

Conference therefore calls upon the NEC to:

• Investigate and where appropriate develop links with the Iraqi and

Afghan Women's Networks.

• Work with the WAC to lobby government ministers in regards to the situation of women in Iraq and Afghanistan, to ensure that their plight is

not ignored during reconstruction activities.

• Report back to Regions and Branches with any progress by the end of 2010.

South West and Thames Valley (Carried)


Conference believes that the failure of the UN Climate

Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009 to agree to internationally

binding targets for sufficient levels of reductions in green house emission is a

major setback for a real global commitment to measures that would avert

climate catastrophe.

Conference further believes that the failure of the summit to agree meaningful

action is due to the continuing commitment of governments to the neoliberal

economic model which prevents them taking any action that would adversely

affect corporate profits. The private sector cannot be relied upon to develop

sufficient energy provision from renewal and carbon-negative means.

Conference further believes that a just, global and collectivised transition from a

greed economy to a green economy is urgently required. Sustainability rather

than profit should be the hallmark of success in any recovery from the economic


Conference congratulates the workers at the Vestas wind turbine plant on the

Isle Of Wight, who highlighted climate change by occupying their factory during

August 2009, and continued to campaign for the nationalisation of wind turbine

and other green production even after the closure of the plant.

Congratulates the previous NEC on its support for the action against climate

change and for its support for the million green jobs initiative.

Conference instructs the incoming NEC to:

a. Continue to work with Stop Climate Chaos and Campaign against Climate Change.

b. Continue to work to increase the number of environmental reps in

branches and workplaces.

c. Continue to work to achieve environmental and climate change

agreements with employers.

d. To organise a speaking tour for the million green jobs initiative.

Mount Pleasant International (Carried)


That Conference notes with great regret that there continues to be many negative perceptions of asylum seekers in sections of

society across the UK and that many of these perceptions are perpetuated by the

media and press of the UK. These negative perceptions have also been used and in some cases continue to be used by politicians and political parties to justify their policies of bitterness, blame and scapegoating of asylum seekers.

Conference agrees that the NEC will take the following steps :

Call upon the TUC, STUC, WTUC, ICTU and Regional TUC's across England to

work together in examining the case for renaming asylum to ‘Sanctuary';

Work with the above organisations, their affiliates and other relevant interested

bodies to set up both UK and National/Regional ‘Sanctuary Summits' for the

purpose of producing coherent strategies to assist Trade Union Officials, Reps, activists and lay members in ways of undoing negative public perceptions about

asylum seekers; These summits should also examine appeal rights and access to legal representation for asylum seekers; and Bring together the outcomes of all the summits to produce a statement of campaign priorities which are aimed at improving the situation of asylum seekers and refugees across the UK.

Scotland Regional Committee (Not Heard)


This conference instructs the NEC to investigate and report back to conference 2011 on the plight of the expelled inhabitants of the island of Diego Garcia.

The Welsh Valleys (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC that the

CWU must actively campaign through all available mediums to get the EU

Package Travel Directive, changed to take into account the rise in budget airlines

and the significant numbers of people booking flights, accommodation and tours

directly from the internet, because the directive only takes into account “all in”

package holidays from a travel agent and covers them but not those booked


York and District Amal (Not Heard)


This conference agrees that it is not in the best interest of the CWU membership for the Equality and Diversity course to be carried out online. Therefore the NEC is instructed to cease the Equality and Diversity online trial course immediately. As the Equality and Diversity course is mandatory for all CWU reps the course must be carried out in a class room environment.

South East Wales Amal (Not Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to put in place an Annual Award to be called the ‘Ken McKenzie Award for Life Long Learning'. This will be presented every year to a ULR (Union Learning Representative) or group of ULR's who have made a significant contribution to Life Long Learning within the CWU. The award will be presented at either the CWU Annual Conference or the CWU ULR Conference.

Scotland Regional Committee (Not Heard)


That this Conference agrees that there is a need for a full understanding of the CWU accounts so representatives can make informed decisions on the CWU's financial future. To this end there is a need for more explanation and transparency and understanding of the accounts. It therefore agrees that:

1. That in future there will be a specialist CWU School set up for

CWU representatives concerning understanding the CWU accounts.

2. A session concerning the CWU accounts will also be included into existing schools where viable.

3. Also the CWU will look to set up an online course on understanding the accounts be also set up on the CWU web site for CWU representatives.

The NEC is instructed accordingly.

Northern/North West London

London South West (Not Heard)

44 CATEGORY A: If Carried 45 Falls

That the NEC is authorised to present rule amendments at the earliest opportunity that ceases the death benefit for retired members and introduces “death in service” benefit for working members provided by an insurance company.

National Executive Council (Removed From Pad)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council to consider in consultation with Branches a fixed sum Death Benefit and puts forward a suitable Rule Amendment to the 2011 Annual Conference.

Birmingham (Withdrawn)

46 CATEGORY A: If Carried 47 Falls

Conference recognises the severe financial crisis the CWU is facing. If we are to have a chance of survival as an independent stand alone trade union hard choices must be made. The NEC is instructed to identify and make savings in the delivery of the following areas:

• HQ staffing and structure

• National Officers

• National Executive Council and Industrial Executives

• Regional and Branch Structure

• Conferences

• Education

• Publications

• Death Benefit

• Core and Non-Core Work

The NEC is instructed to report back to Branches on their progress on not less than a quarterly basis.

South West and Thames Valley (Withdrawn)


Conference agrees that the future of the CWU is threatened by decreasing membership levels across the Union.

Conference acknowledges that the original NCU/UCW merger promised economies of scale that have never been fully realised.

Conference further recognises that the biggest expenditure within the

Union is CWU Headquarters. Therefore, Conference instructs the NEC to commission an immediate independent review into the overall funding and costs associated with running CWU Headquarters.

The review will provide recommendations on how to reduce expenditure whilst ensuring that the union continues to prioritise its industrial role and representation in the workplace. Conference instructs the NEC to publish the independent review report alongside its recommendations by no later than January 2011 and place an appropriate motion(s) to Annual Conference 2011.

Northern/North West London

South East London Postal and Counters

London South West

London Parcels and Stations Amal

London Regional Committee (Not Carried)


This conference agrees that to ensure the success of the Regional

Women's Committee adequate facility time is afforded to the Secretaries and Chair's of Regional Women's Committees. Conference is aware that motion 33 carried at general conference 2004 put in place funding for facility time to be met by CWU general funds.

Therefore this conference instructs the CWU Equal Opportunities

Department to put pressure on the national executive council to carry out the full terms of motion 33 carried at general conference 2004 as a matter of urgency.

Conference calls on the WAC and the Equal Opportunities Department to ensure that at a time when our women members are under attack through their employers, the same does not occur through their own union. With this in mind, the terms of motion 33 to general conference 2004 must be implemented not later than 6 weeks following the closure of this conference.

CWU Women's Conference

South West Regional Committee (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National

Executive Council that the funding for Women's Regional Secretaries is to be met from the regional account and not in no way be detrimental to the branch they belong. As it stands the women's Regional Secretary's funding is being taken away from the Women's Regional budget, which in turn leaves fewer funds left for the Women's Committee to use in the promotion the work they do within the region and enable women to take part in regional, national or international events.

Shropshire and Mid Wales (Not Heard)


The incoming National Executive Council is instructed to launch a Finance Best Practice Review in line with the existing Branch Best

Practice Review within T&FSE sector.

The Review will include Branch Forums to identify best practice in areas of finance such as:

Running Branch Accounts/Sage Finance System

Branch Financial Planning and Management

Reducing Branch Running Costs

Negotiating Best Prices Services and Provisions This list is not exhaustive.

The main principle of the Finance Best Practice Review will be to identify areas to reduce expenditure, save money and help secure the future of the CWU.

Tyne and Wear Clerical (Not Heard)


Conference notes that there has been no action taken in respect of the carriage of Motion 45 at General Conference 2008. Conference believes that the terms of this motion now need to be actioned as soon as possible (with the exception of the dates as they refer to 2008/09) given the concerns being expressed by the SDGS about the state of the Unions' financial situation.

Western Counties (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council that conference reaffirms its commitment to Rule 11.6.3 and that Branch funds withheld shall remain the property of the Branch and its members.

Birmingham (Not Heard)