CWU General Conference 2010
Motions (53-102)


Conference acknowledges that the continuing operation of 3 separate pension schemes at CWU Headquarters is unsustainable. It is further acknowledged that this situation can not be allowed to continue because the union is experiencing a serious decline in income.

To this end Conference agrees that the Union must now set a deadline of 31st of March 2011 for the amalgamation of all 3 current pension schemes for retired and existing members of the schemes.

Conference further instructs the NEC to publish why the pension schemes need to be merged along with any legal advise on the amalgamations of the schemes by no later than January 2011.

Northern/North West London

London West End Amal (Withdrawn)


Conference notes with concern that despite the carriage of Motion 60A at Annual Conference 2007 the CWU still operates with 3 separate pension schemes which has cost the union over £500,000 in administration costs since 2007.

Conference further notes that the CWU's pension deficit, like many other defined benefit schemes e.g. Royal Mail, British Telecom, is growing at an alarming rate and if left unchecked will eventually bankrupt the CWU.

Therefore Conference agrees the following:

1. That following Annual Conference the NEC immediately enter into a process with the 3 pension schemes with the view of finally amalgamating the 3 existing schemes into 1 by no later than Annual Conference 2011. The NEC will update branches on the progress on a regular basis.

2. At the same time the NEC will look into the future funding of its pension scheme in order to ensure that the CWU employee's pensions remain secure. However this must also recognise the fact that the union's income going forward will be greatly reduced. The NEC will therefore produce a report to Annual Conference 2011 with its findings and recommendations.

London Parcels and Stations Amal

South East London Postal and Counters (Carried)


Conference notes the current financial crisis, the drop in membership of the CWU and the impact on union finances. Conference therefore, agrees that along with other measures, a review of the number of national officers should be carried out along with a review of the salaries paid. A report should be provided to all branches with recommendations on how to proceed in making savings by Dec 2010.


Scotland No.2 (Carried)


Conference agrees that the revelations in the media about cheap mortgages for National Officers at the apparent rate of only 0.375% caused anger amongst our members.

Conference recognises that on occasions there is a legitimate need to assist Officers with resettlement loans , but Conference believes that there should be clear and transparent guidelines to ensure a full understanding amongst our members.

Conference therefore agrees that the Finance, Organising and Strategy

Committee will draw up guidance which must adhere to the following principles :

1. Ensure that the interest rate fixed for any mortgage is not advantageous when compared with other mortgage products on the open market that might be accessible by CWU members. Such a rate could be set at the best mortgage product available at the time the mortgage was requested.

2. Ensure that such mortgages would not normally be offered when an Officer is only moving home within the same town/city other than in exceptional circumstances.

3. Ensure that the Union does not lose sight of the need to ensure that a National Officer may have legitimate need of a mortgage provided by the Union and that this principle be defended by the CWU.

Once the draft guidance is drawn up this will then be discussed and agreed by the NEC in the normal manner.

Western Counties

Devon and Somerset (Carried)


That following the Times On Line article dated 5th October 2009 titled “

Posties' Leaders Use Union Cash For Homes “ conference agrees that

existing agreements / contracts concerning personal financial transactions such as Mortgages / Loans etc between the CWU and its officers be published to branches in a report in time for the issue to be debated at Annual Conference.

It further agrees that all future publications of the CWU Annual Report and accounts show the outstanding loan and interest rates charged by the CWU on each property financed by the accounts.

London West End Amal

South East London Postal and Counters (Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council that the NEC decision to suspend honorarium to Field Officers,

National Committee members etc be reversed, honorarium be reinstated immediately, and any back monies due be paid.

London North Western C&C (Not Heard)


Conference agrees that the published timetable for the 2010 CWU

Annual Conference is in breach of National Rule 10.1.1 insofar as the time reserved for the Postal and Telecom and Financial Services Conferences is out with that detailed within the said rule. Conference further instructs the NEC to implement, in full National Rule 10.1.1 for all future Annual Conferences.

Eastern No.3

Eastern Regional Committee (Card Vote For 88463, Against 85528, Abstentions 3021 No Vote's 59, Eligible Votes 199539: Carried)


The NEC is authorised to present rule amendments at the earliest opportunity to convene a General and Industrial Conference on a biennial basis.

National Executive Council (Not Carried)

61 CATEGORY A: If Carried 62 , 63 , 65 and 66 Fall

The four Equality Conferences, as from June 2010, are convened at the same venue over one weekend with separate sessions for each conference.

National Executive Council (Not Heard)

62 CATEGORY A: COMPOSITE MOTION If Carried 63 , 65 and 66 Fall

Conference is aware of the National Executive Council's decision to establish a Finance Scrutiny Committee which is looking at creating a 2 day Equality Conference.

However, this Conference reminds the NEC that the clear policy of the

Union is to maintain separate Equality Conferences.

Nevertheless Conference is mindful of the need to reduce costs within the CWU, therefore Conference instructs the NEC that cost cutting measures regarding the Equality Conferences and Women's Conference should be fully investigated, but should remain within the current structure, and that those measures should include:

• Holding those Conferences which are appropriately sized at CWU


• Negotiating deals with hotels or other venues to cover all four

Equality Conferences, and possibly the Youth and Retired

Members Conferences

• Holding Conferences in CWU premises outside HQ where appropriate

• Seeking Sponsorship from Affinity Partners or others for the Conference

When these investigations are complete the NEC is also instructed to liaise with the NEC and the Finance Scrutiny Committee to share its findings.

CWU Women's Conference

Birmingham, Black Country and Worcester (Not Heard)

63 CATEGORY A: COMPOSITE MOTION If Carried 65 and 66 Fall

This conference is concerned that there is a move to change how the

Equality conferences are held. Therefore in an effort to save the CWU money we propose that the two smaller of the Equality Conference be held over one weekend in a suitably sized venue which may include CWU

HQ, Mechanics Centre, Manchester, The Conference Room in Birmingham's branch. Costs will be taken into account.

The larger two Equality conferences be held over one weekend in a venue that is suitable for the size of the two conferences, cost will be taken into account.

All future conferences will continue to be held on separate days thus ensuring they maintain their own identity and individuality, however this will enable a saving to the budget of CWU HQ, without preventing the participation of the lay members of the CWU who attend these conferences. The NEC is therefore instructed.

Wolverhampton and District Amal

South East Wales Amal

Shropshire and Mid Wales

Birmingham District Amal (Not Heard)


This Conference agrees that the Union's Annual Conference in its current format no longer best serves the representatives and members.

The NEC is therefore instructed to publish a report including suggested Rule

Changes after consultation with the Regions and Branches by 1st December 2010 that considers;

a) Splitting the General/Rules and Industrial Conferences

b) Changing the Conference to other months outside of the current traditional months of May/June

c) Number of delegates

This list is not exhaustive.

Greater Manchester Amal (Not Heard)

65 CATEGORY A: If Carried 66 Falls

Bearing in mind the serious financial challenges the Union faces the Executive is

instructed to look at the cost savings if the Equality Conferences were all held

over the same weekend in the same location. The Conferences would need to be

run separately and at different times to allow delegates to attend more than one

conference and to allow each conference to maintain its own identity. If there is

a cost saving and by arranging the conferences over one weekend there is no

dilution to their business, these future arrangements should be made as soon as


Liverpool Clerical (Not Heard)


This Conference recognises the important work being done by the equality conferences in empowering members to challenge discrimination, both in the union and in the companies our members work in, by encouraging and supporting new activists to take part in the CWU. We feel this is not the right time to try and bring all the equality strands together as each equality conference is unique to the membership it represents and we would ask Conference to oppose any move to a single equality conference at this point in time.

London Regional Committee (Not Heard)

67 CATEGORY A: COMPOSITE MOTION I f Carried 69 , 71 & 73 Fall

This conference agrees that if the CWU wishes to remain a stand-alone

Union in the Communications Sector then we must review the responsibilities and services of CWU headquarters and we must seriously consider a de-centralised and downsized Union structure that meets the needs of our members.

The NEC must produce a report on how this can be achieved and should

be placed before Branches by December 2010. The report must contain all

options and the views of the branches and should consider:

• the leasing of more space in headquarters to raise revenue.

• the possible reduction of Headquarters staff to reflect our reducing

number of members and a staff impact analysis.

• the Merging of departments and the possibility of sharing services with other unions.

• the selling of Union Headquarters in Wimbledon and moving to a much more efficient accommodation or building for a union of our size, with consideration given to moving outside of the London area.

• the feasibility and separation of suitable CWU HQ departments and relocation of some member services to Regional bases

Further more the report should present a feasibility study for a number of alternative locations for a new redefined Union Headquarters staff and services.

North West Regional Committee

Oldham and Rochdale Amal (Withdrawn)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC that a report be produced by January 2011 on amalgamation of the Education & Training department back into the Organisation Department, with one Officer only for the combined Department. The report will be commissioned from the SDGS Department that will look into the feasibility and potential savings from one department, this will be made available to all Branches for voting on its recommendations.

York and District Amal (Withdrawn)

69 CATEGORY A: If Carried 71 and 73 Fall

This Conference recognises that the survival of the CWU as a stand alone Union

is under real threat through a long term declining membership. Since the merger

of the UCW/NCU there has been no real open review of the structure at CWU

Headquarters, which has left the Union with a top heavy structure.

To enable the CWU to remain an Industrial force in every workplace where we have members a review of CWU Headquarters and the structure at National level must take place immediately.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to commission a full independent review and for the contents and recommendations of that review to be the subject of a report to Annual Conference 2011 for ratification and or amendment.

The review must have the main objective of sustaining a strong and independent

CWU presence in the workplace and ensure we are able to represent our members interests for future years.

The Review must also consider a long term view of how to reduce the number of

National Officers and Assistant Secretaries across the Telecom and Postal

Sections and it must also consider how to reduce the National Executive Council.

This list is not exhaustive.

Kent Invicta (Withdrawn)

70 CATEGORY A: If Carried 71 Falls

This conference agrees that should merger talks with one or other Unions be deemed desirable, such discussions should be on the basis of our creating a wider industry based union i.e. communications and media and not on us being part of a large amalgamated Union such as Unite.

Manchester Clerical (Carried)


This conference instructs the NEC to produce a report published no later than December 2010 with regards the future vision of the union in the next five to ten years.

The Report to contain the various options:

1. To remain a stand alone union

2. To merge with another union in the Communications Sector

3. To merge with another union in the Financial Sector

4. To merge with another union in the Transport / Warehousing Sector

5. To merge with a big organising union

This List is not exhaustive and any other views or ideas to be included in the report. The report must also include the view of branches and regions.

Merseyside Amal (Fell)


Conference believes that whilst the membership we represent has increasingly diversified our structures remain predominantly aimed at BT and the Post Office. Combined with a decline in traditional membership, this leaves us at a serious risk of failing to be genuinely representative. Therefore the NEC is instructed to review all of the union's current structures and practices in consultation with regions and branches.

The review should aim to identify ways to create a structure that ensures the widest possible involvement of all parts of its membership, and incentivises those Branches who recruit and organise outside the traditional membership areas.

The NEC is further instructed to begin this exercise immediately following conference and give regular, no less than quarterly, updates.

South West and Thames Valley (Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC that if the CWU wishes to remain a stand-alone Union in the Communications Sector then it must re-organise all its structures including Headquarters.

A report with recommendations on how best to achieve this to be published by

1st October 2010. The report must contain all options and the views of the Branches, Regions and Field Officers.

A one-day seminar will be held to present the report before 31st October 2010.

Attendance will be limited to one delegate per Branch.

Greater Manchester (Not Carried)


Conference is concerned that nearly a generation after the merger that created the CWU in many ways our Branches have a tripartite structure with separate branches for Postal, Engineering and Clerical members.

Conference believes that one of the central tenets of Trade Unionism is the principle of standing together and solidarity and that maintaining a tripartite branch structure can make this difficult even within our own trade union.

Further against the financial backdrop facing the CWU the maintenance of overlapping branch structures', often replicating the same work in the same area, is not in the interest of the union and its membership. However Conference recognises that the principles of like for like representations, and the right where that decisions only affect one group of members for that group to take those decisions are also important principles.

Therefore the NEC is instructed to investigate how we can move to a branch structure in which the principle determining factor of branch membership is geography, and to bring forth the necessary rule changes at annual conference


Plymouth and East Cornwall Amal (Remitted to the NEC)

75 CATEGORY A: I f Carried 81 Falls

The NEC is authorised to present a rule amendment at the earliest opportunity which significantly reduces the size of the NEC.

National Executive Council (Withdrawn)


The NEC is authorised to present a rule amendment at the earliest opportunity which significantly reduces the size of the Industrial Executives.

National Executive Council (Withdrawn)

77 CATEGORY A: If Carried 80 and 81 Fall

The NEC is authorised to present rule amendments at the earliest opportunity to elect the NEC and Industrial Executives on a biennial basis.

National Executive Council (Carried)


This Conference notes that amendments to Rule 2 were passed at the

2004 Rules Revision Conference reinforcing the need for positive action

within the CWU to achieve equality. Specifically Rule 2.1.5 and Rule

2.1.6 introduced the need for proportionality and for positive action

“until such time as the Union is satisfied that its structure reflects and

supports the gender and racial balance of the members it represents”.

Conference is therefore disappointed to note that despite these rules

having been introduced into the Union's Rule book 6 years ago,

replacing the previous Rule 2.1 (d), there has been little progress in

achieving those ends. In fact, there are now no ethnic minority members

on any constituency executive. Conference therefore instructs the NEC

to work with the RAC to ensure that the situation never arises again by

introducing positive action on discrimination, reserved seats or whatever means necessary, until the hierarchy of this union reflects the members it is supposed to represent.

Black Workers Conference

West London (Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC that the position of Head of Communications shall be an elected position, the office shall be for a 5 year term. The election shall be held as soon as practicable after annual conference.

Eastern No.5 (Withdrawn)


Conference notes recent presentations from the NEC highlighting that yet again the CWU is in financial difficulty and faces the prospect of bankruptcy by 2011 if spending and membership decline go unchecked.

Conference instructs the NEC to change national elections from taking place annually to biennially. This will take effect immediately with the next elections taking place in the spring of 2012.

North West Regional Committee

Oldham and Rochdale Amal (Withdrawn)


This conference agrees given the changes taking place within the CWU and wider world there is a need to reduce the size of the NEC. Such a reduction should be significant and meaningful. The NEC is instructed to consult with Branches, as to the size, composition, method and period of office for NEC members, the consultation to be concluded by October

2010. Once having consulted Branches the NEC shall bring forward a rule change at the earliest opportunity.

Merseyside Amal

York and District Amal (Falls)


This Conference instructs that before any National Officer position that becomes vacant is advertised the NEC will undertake a review as to the necessity of the filling of the position, including seeking the views of the Branches. The contents and conclusions of the review to be reported to the Branches.

Greater Manchester (Not Heard)


Conference agrees that the current arrangements for the election of area reps in Royal Mail Group where two branches are involved often result in one candidate being given an unfair advantage. Conference therefore agrees that in future each candidate will be allowed to circulate their election address and biographical details to members in every unit that is involved in an election”. The NEC is instructed accordingly.

Bristol and District Amal (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council to bestow National Honorary Membership upon Paul Olden former Chair of the General Conference Standing Orders Committee, Jimmy Machin, former member of the General and Postal Conference Standing Orders Committee, John James former member of the General Conference and Telecoms and Financial Services Standing Orders Committee and Dave Walton, Members Auditor.

National Executive Council (Carried)


This conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council seeks to withdraw honorary membership from (Lord) Tony Young by whatever means necessary, for his endorsement and support of the part privatisation of Royal Mail.

Eastern No.4 (Carried)


Conference recognises that within both Royal Mail group and British Telecom there are in the region of 40,000 non-members.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to mount a serious and sustainable Membership recruitment drive in Royal Mail Group, British Telecom and related businesses.

To this end, the NEC will coordinate with the Regional Secretary's and the various industrial groups in order to ensure each Branch has a plan in place to mount a serious recruitment drive within all work places by cross referencing staff in post with up to date membership lists.

Conference instructs that this recruitment initiative will take place no later than September 2010. Conference further instructs the NEC to publish all Branch plans, success statistics and results to all Branches by no later than November 2010.

London West End Amal

London South West (Not Carried)


Trade Union membership has continued to fall for the last number of years and there is now a serious need to restore the balance of Trade Union membership within the industries and businesses in the UK.

Despite having three successive terms of a Labour Government, unions have been unable to count on enthusiastic support of a so called sympathetic party.

Non-unionised companies only assist unionised companies to keep terms and conditions at the lowest common denominator and this is becoming demoralising to many union members and proving a major obstacle in recruiting new members into our unions.

It is now vitally important to reverse this as a matter of urgency and in order to change the mindset of workers and encourage non union workers to join a Trade

Union, action needs to be taken.

This conference therefore instructs the NEC to put a motion to the next National

TUC Conference, calling on:

a) The TUC to co-ordinate a national publicity and recruitment campaign in all major industries, companies and small businesses as a matter of urgency.

b) To have a TUC sponsored advertisement or broadcast on both the National

TV Channels and National Newspapers to highlight what Trade Unions have to offer.

c) The TUC to hold an Annual May Day Parade for union members covering not only separate unions but separate companies, with the parade concluding with a rally in a major public place.

The list is not exhaustible.

Central and West Lancs (Carried)


In acknowledging the significant progress made by Branches and CWU Organisers, working together in recruiting and developing members in Vodafone to establish a self sustaining union structure, the NEC is instructed to ensure the Union properly supports such members across the CWU in building these new structures and to safeguard the future of the Union by ensuring Branches have adequate facilities to develop and maintain these membership structures outside of British Telecom and Royal Mail.

North Midlands (Accepted)


This conference instructs the NEC that in order to make continuing progress, including the expansion of the initiative into other areas of the union's branch members, it is vital that Union Learning Representatives

(ULR's) receive the fullest range of training and support required to effectively carry out their responsibilities. It is with this in mind that this conference also agrees that nominations for all ULR positions be called for on a two yearly basis; thus providing continuity and a reasonable timescale in which ULR's can achieve the appropriate training, qualifications and experience. Any subsequent rule changes to be applied accordingly.

Merseyside Amal (Carried)


This conference agrees in accordance with Rule 13 that no Branch/Division or Region taking action in direct support of members will be nationally repudiated without the matter being referred to the General Secretary's office. Moreover, no national repudiation should take place before the respective Branch, Division or Region has been informed and, where possible, properly consulted. Finally, in the event of repudiation the Union should nationally write to all the members involved explaining the terms of, and reasons for, the repudiation.

Manchester Clerical (Not Heard)


Conference congratulates the Organising department on the ‘New membership system', which commenced in January 2010.

However access to the system needs to be addressed, enabling Branch Secretaries easy and speedy navigation of the system.

The NEC is instructed accordingly.

Eastern No.6 (Not Heard)

92 CATEGORY A: If Carried 93 Falls

Conference agrees that the support given to Branches and members in the area of employment law needs to be improved. The NEC will review the employment law services provided by the CWU and have this completed with recommendations by 1 st Oct 2010.

The review will take into account the following requirements of Branches:

• All requests for representation for members at Employment Tribunals to be assessed and the Branch informed within 28 days of the ET3 being received by the employment law department.

• A service to provide support, advice and representation for members attending Employment Tribunal pre-hearings and/or case management hearings.

• A service available by telephone and e-mail to provide advice and information on employment law issues for Branch Officers.

West Yorkshire (Carried)


This conference agrees that more stringent timescales must be put in place when members request legal representation from the CWU HQ at employment tribunals. When members have made the request for legal support, they must be given a response from the Legal Services Department which allows sufficient time for them to seek legal representation from outside of the Union in cases where it is felt that representation will not be granted. Dates must be prioritised to ensure that our members receive a timely response from the Legal Services Department at CWU HQ.

Northamptonshire Amal (Not Heard)


This Conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council to automatically fully support financially, legally, morally and otherwise any member who has been denied the statutory right to the accompaniment of an appropriately accredited CWU activist when at Statutory Discipline or Grievance Hearings in the Jurisdiction of Northern Ireland and whilst those statutory provisions remain extant.

Northern Ireland Clerical (Not Heard)


This conference instructs the incoming National Executive Council to

(a) Robustly challenge allegations of unprofessional behaviour and/or

bullying levelled against Officers of the Union, and/or members of the

Union at National, Regional and Branch level when such Activists are engaged on Union Business and/or Representational duties in companies where we organise and/or seek to organise.

(b) Establish an independent, credible, foolproof and transparently fair process for investigating allegations of unprofessional and/or bullying behaviour against Union Activists.

(c) Fully support, financially, legally and morally Activists in seeking a legal remedy where such allegations are deemed to be malicious, slanderous,

libellous and may amount to defamation.

Northern Ireland Clerical (Not Heard)


Conference congratulates both the Postal and Communications

Departments, for the initiative to use a DVD as part of the union's campaign strategy to secure a ‘Yes vote' in the lead-up to the Postal dispute of 2009.

Furthermore, Conference believes that this approach should be considered again, in any future industrial campaign that requires individual membership support.

Conference understands that this was an opening attempt to use this approach to membership communications, and improvements can be identified and made.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to ensure future use of the DVD form to our membership will make provisions for our members that suffer from a communication disability. This can be achieved by making a number of editions available that contain the sub-title facility. Information alerting our members that these versions are available will be supplied and appropriately circulated.

Eastern No.6

Eastern No.4 (Carried)


This Conference instructs the incoming NEC that copies of the Link magazine shall be sent to the home addresses of all members over 55.

This shall commence with the next publication after Annual Conference 2010.

Eastern No.5 (Withdrawn)


The incoming National Executive Council is instructed to launch a Members' On-Line Notice Board as part of .

This benefit will allow members to log in and post notices of, or requests for, personal recommendations and referrals for services such as Plumbers, Builders,

Removals etc. This can also be used to request or offer available items. This can also be used to post notices of events, charitable fundraising etc.

These examples are not exhaustive.

Tyne and Wear Clerical (Withdrawn)


That conference agrees that some of our disabled members have fallen foul of the various sickness absence policies that their employers utilise.

Therefore Conference instructs the NEC to work with a selected working party from the DSNAC to produce a “disability leave policy”.

The policy to be based on the spirit and intent of the one initiated by RNIB and which the TUC has been campaigning for since.

Once the draft copy has been agreed by the DSNAC working party, it will then be put to the NEC and the appropriate National Officers for ratification, prior to negotiations of the policy taking place with the relevant employers.

The DSNAC will offer any support/advice as required.

Disability and Special Needs Conference (Accepted)


This conference welcomes the developments concerning the Equality Bill and the bringing together of the 9 pieces of discrimination law under the umbrella of one piece of legislation.

The CWU have acknowledged that the Bill could have gone further in many areas. However, the progress on issues pertaining to a case where an individual has suffered more than one type of discrimination has seen a big shift from the previous position to what is now known as ‘double discrimination'. Clearly there are more than two strands of discrimination but this still represents a move in the direction that trade union lobby movement has been shouting about since the Discrimination Law Review.

In light of these expected developments, this conference instructs the NEC to liaise with the DSNAC to ensure that the appropriate capacity building measures are put in to place to ensure our CWU reps are well prepared to make good use of the ‘double discrimination' clause. Measures can include:

• The creation of a fact-sheet

• Arranging a legal session at a future Equality Officers seminar

• Briefing reps via the E-bulletin

The above is not exhaustive.

Disability and Special Needs Conference (Carried)


Conference agrees that many thousands of tons of waste is generated by companies in which the CWU has members, much of which can be recycled. Items such as paper, cardboard, strapex, plastic and other recyclable materials are seen as commercial waste and much of it ends up in landfill sites. It is now time that our employers address this matter.

Conference calls on the NEC to develop solutions, including the setting up of a network of local CWU Environmental Reps across the industries where we have members, and present to our employers solutions to enable them to reduce their carbon foot print by making provisions for recycling all waste they generate.

Gloucestershire Amal (Carried)


Conference notes the increasing use of mobile display screen equipment technology such as laptops, PDA's, GPS etc, in all sections of commerce and industry by our members. The growth in the use of this technology has been accompanied by increasing concerns regarding a wide range of physical and psychological health problems that may be associated with Visual Display Unit work. These include:

• Eyestrain and visual fatigue

• Mental and physical fatigue

• Musculoskeletal problems

• Stress

Conference agrees that the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992, as amended in 2002, no longer affords the same standards of users care and assessment for our members using this ever increasing mobile technology, as originally intended by the spirit of the above regulations.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to:

• Actively campaign to all relevant bodies including the HSE, TUC and the government for the purpose of improving the Display Screen Equipment

Regulations and associated guidance, to offer better protection to those DSE users who do not work at a static station. This would include the use of laptops, PDA's GPS units etc.

• Negotiate with employers, where the CWU is recognised, to obtain free eye and eyesight tests by optometrists or doctor, for anyone working with DSE.

• Ensure that if corrective eye wear is required as a result of using DSE, ‘reasonable' charges including those which meet or exceed the cost of basic frame and lenses will be reimbursed by the employer.

A report is to be given to Branches on the progress of this motion by 31

December 2010.

Eastern Regional Health and Safety Forum (Carried)